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What is Passport Club?

Bookmarks Passport Club exists to celebrate literature from all parts of the globe and encourage readers to always seek out new perspectives. Join other readers as we embark on a reading around the world challenge! We’ve compiled a passport booklet to serve as a guide for suggested reading from each country; when possible we’ve chosen contemporary novels from native authors from these countries. Most of these books are available to order through Bookmarks,, or check out through your local library!

How to I participate?

To join the club, all you have to do is stop by Bookmarks bookstore, purchase a copy of the physical passport, and join our email list (sign up here). As you read books, you will fill out what you read in your passport under the corresponding country and bring it into Bookmarks and get it stamped. For every 3, stamps you get a prize. The print passport costs $10 to help cover the cost of printing but as soon as you reach your first six stamps, we will give you a $10 coupon to spend on more books! For every new milestone you reach there will be fun exciting things! There is no time limit on filling out your passport - life is long and we want to make this as fun and accessible as possible.

If you can't afford the passport or would like a digital reference, we've made the Literary Passport available below and filled it with handy links so you can click on each book title and learn more information about it or maybe even purchase a copy! For titles without links, there is not currently a way for Bookmarks or to source the book - but the internet is large and many of these are available in libraries or digitally as ebooks.

We welcome any and all questions about the club and if you would like more info, feel free to email Caleb at and he'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

What about rewards?

As prizes are redeemed instore, booksellers will initial next to the benchmark in your passport to help you track your progress!

3 countries = An ARC/galley of world literature
6 countries = "$10 off" coupon
9 countries = An ARC/galley of world literature
12 countries = “20% off one purchase” coupon
15 countries = An ARC/galley of world literature
18 countries = An ARC/galley of world literature
21 countries = Endcap in store with your favorites!
24, 27, 30, 33, etc. countries = An ARC/galley of world literature

Continent Prizes:

South America - 12 countries = Bookmarks Pen
Australia/Oceania - 14 countries = Bookmarks Bookmark
North America - 23 countries = Bookmarks Notepad
Europe - 44 countries = Bookmarks Mug
Asia - 48 countries = Bookmarks Bookbone
Africa - 54 countries = Bookmarks T-Shirt

100% completion = $100 gift card to Bookmarks