At Home Workbooks

The school year did not end how anyone planned, and it is not going to begin as usual either. Over the summer months, when children are not in school, children can lose roughly 30 percent of the gains they made in math during the school year and roughly 20 percent of the gains in reading. 

The summer slump affects all kids to some degree during a normal summer of two months. To help decrease the impact that COVID-19 might have on children, we have put together a list of workbooks for ages Pre-K - 5th grade. 

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? There are many more available beyond what is included in this collection below. Click here for a bigger list or email us and we can help you find the right book for your child. 

Would you like to contribute a workbook to a student in our community? You can order any of the below from our website and just put "donate this workbook" in the order comments. We will make sure it gets into the hands of a child in our community.

Email to purchase anything that says “call or email for price."


Pre-K Workbooks

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5th Grade Workbooks

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