How can I get my book stocked at Bookmarks?

If your book is available through a publisher or a distributor such as Ingram at a standard retailer discount (minimum of 40%) and fully-returnable, please contact our Inventory Manager Caleb Masters.

If your book isn't distributed and you are a local self-published author, Bookmarks may be interested in purchasing a trial copy of your book. To be eligible for consideration, the author MUST live in Winston-Salem or the immediate vicinity. 

In order to be considered for inclusion in our store inventory, your book must: 

  • Not published or printed by Amazon or any of its divisions such as CreateSpace
  • Be professionally packaged and priced appropriately for the market
  • Printed with the title and author printed on the spine
  • Have a barcode with a registered ISBN and price printed on the book 
  • Suitable for our inventory
  • Published within the last year or in the next three months

If your book is selected, Bookmarks will reach out to you with the next steps. Bookmarks reviews submissions on a quarterly basis; if your book is selected, we will reach out to you. Please do not bring review copies to the store or mail review copies to Bookmarks; unsolicited review copies will be donated or discarded immediately. Please note that Bookmarks does not accept books published through Amazon (e.g. CreateSpace).

To submit your book for consideration, please fill out the form below.