Employment Opportunities

Bookmarks is not currently hiring
However, we are happy to accept applications to keep on file. Send your completed application, along with a letter of interest, to beth@bookmarksnc.org

Bookmarks is first and foremost a literary nonprofit with the mission of fostering a love of reading and writing in the community. Bookmarks' programming connects people with books and authors and includes an annual Festival of Books & Authors, an Authors In Schools program, and over 20 events in our bookstore and gathering space each month. Employees serve as team lead during their shifts to perform opening and closing duties, supervise bookstore volunteers, address customers' concerns, and assist with in-store events, including author talks, booksignings, storytimes, and more.

Front-line booksellers are often the first point of contact for customers and are expected to create a friendly, professional, welcoming, and helpful environment in the bookstore. You should feel comfortable discussing and handselling a wide range of books even if you have a specialization in a specific age-group or genre.