7500 Solved Exercises to Help you Learn Difficult Words and Upgrade your English Vocabulary in a Fun Way (Paperback)

7500 Solved Exercises to Help you Learn Difficult Words and Upgrade your English Vocabulary in a Fun Way By Talia Swinton Cover Image
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A good vocabulary is very important for your careerThere are many different ways to improve your English vocabulary: Word Power / Spelling strengthening tactics1. By reading extensively. This is the most old school method of learning new words, and creative usage of those words in different contexts, but it is still probably the best way, even in 2021. The more books you read, armed with a dictionary to help you look up words, the more words you learn, and the longer you retain their meaning and context usage rules. The only downside to this is that it is a long term strategy, and may not work if you need a three month crash course in English vocabulary, for a test / exam / professional job career interview.2. By using flash cards of high frequency difficult words. This is the conventional method of test prep. It has the advantage of working well for people who can put their heads down and go through 3000 words, and memorize their meanings. However, not everyone can use this method successfully, because many might find it boring. 3. By using language apps and English learning websites. In the modern world, it is much easier to leverage the power of technology to gain fluency in the world's biggest language by using games and animated videos to make the process of drilling words and their meanings and usage techniques easier. Flash card apps also exist that use the downtime in your smartphone device usage to help you learn a small number of new words every day.4. By using puzzles in creative formats: This is the technique that we will focus on within the pages of this book. All the other strategies listed above have the disadvantage that the only way to scale up the difficulty is to try to learn a larger number of words, or to learn more difficult words. However, one way to do this in a better way is to challenge your brain to look at words in a different light, and to manipulate their meanings, definitions, and synonym structures to guess the answer.I am confident that you will be able to use this book to upgrade your English speaking, spelling, and writing skills, and to have a very successful career.
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