28 Pro-Trader Tips: The Art of Trading (Paperback)

28 Pro-Trader Tips: The Art of Trading By Adam Stokes Cover Image
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Most traders and their associated commentators focus on the science of trading. This book aims to take your trading skills to the next level by exploring the art of trading. Author, financial commentator, YouTube creator, economist and crypto enthusiast Adam Stokes has been trading since he was 18. While trading on the traditional Australia Stock Exchange is where his trading expedition first began, his wealth and trading experience were greatly accelerated within the highly volatile, dynamic and ruthless cryptocurrency markets.After decades of trading, it became clear to Adam that too many people were losing too much money making the same mistakes over and over again. By documenting both the fatal floors of the rookie, while concurrently amplifying the consistently apparent skills of the pro, any trader who reads this book and applies the tips within it is almost certain to improve their win-rates and profits. Through years of analysing the habits and practices of the most successful traders globally, the author has found patterns in their crafty techniques that are often overlooked by those seeking to build wealth in the markets. The end product of his research in analysing the successful trader and reflecting on his own trading success and failures has been summarised to help you in your trading journey. The 28 tips within this book are used by most pros to build their financial success and comfortably manage the unavoidable losses that come with the financial voyage of any trader.28 Pro-Trader Tips, The Art of Trading will help you the trader no matter which market in which you choose to invest. Whether you're trading stocks, bonds, forex, crypto or collectables, all markets deal with the same fundamental characteristics of a supply and a demand of something. More importantly, all markets move due to the emotions, then actions by the people within them. Fear, greed, speed and much more are broken down and explained so you can begin to leverage upon the science of trading to master the art.
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ISBN: 9798718028812
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 7th, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English