Quentin Durward (Paperback)

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Quentin Durward is Sir Walter Scott's historical novel depicting the fierce rivalries among monarchs in the late Middle Ages. Our protagonist amid the power plays is the titular Quentin Durward. Falling into the service of Louis XI as a Garde cossaise (Scottish Guard) owing to his excellent archery skills, the young Scot bears witness to and is involved with the internecine intrigues and plotting ensuing between the King of France and the various nobles he views as mistrustful. A staunch royalist with loyalty for his benefactor, Quentin must heroically defend the monarch against would-be challengers to the throne and the king's authority. Throughout his adventures, Quentin fends off various dangers and perils, in a world where a single misstep can mean the gallows. As well as being a capable and nimble-footed combatant, Quentin has ambitions to win - through gallantry and surefooted combat - a French noblewoman's hand in marriage.

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ISBN: 9798703308554
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 1st, 2021
Pages: 322
Language: English