The Reason Why Crows in African Countries Have White Color (Paperback)

The Reason Why Crows in African Countries Have White Color By Rosina Ampah Cover Image
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"In this new collection of Ghanaian stories and proverbs, we are given a rare look at how people's oral traditions and folklore embody the ethos and pathos of their culture. Through her storytelling, Sister Rosina embraces a way of bearing witness and revealing the greatest truths of living to others. In her native country of Ghana, West Africa, stories are used to teach morals, ethics, spirituality, hospitality, and character and to help shape a more profound spiritual way of seeing and being. These stories are passed on by rote from one generation to the next. Sister Rosina-the first woman in her family to assume the mantle of an ancestral storyteller-is the keeper of a treasure trove of proverbs. Stories she learned by memory from her immediate family, her parents, grandparents, and beyond. Their lessons shaped her spiritual development and choice of vocation, leading to a religious calling within The Episcopal Church and greater Anglican Communion as a nun and priest serving others in a ministry of Christ."
-Ron Starbuck - Saint Julian Press, Inc. - Publisher/Executive Editor
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ISBN: 9781955194105
ISBN-10: 1955194106
Publisher: Saint Julian Press, Inc.
Publication Date: November 18th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English