The Surrender Theory: Poems (Paperback)

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The Surrender Theory begins in the thick of heartbreak, gets lost in the vibrancy of new love, and eventually rediscovers itself in a place of peace and closure. It’s about learning to grow alongside grief. About taking the hand of your younger self and forgiving them. Through pages of truisms and poems, this debut collection from Caitlin Conlon explores the boundaries of our most poignant and human emotions.

Deeply personal yet universal, The Surrender Theory speaks to anyone who has put their heart out into the world and hoped with everything in them that it would come home unscathed.


About the Author

Caitlin Conlon is the author of The Surrender Theory and a writer from upstate New York with a loyal audience across social media platforms, most notably on Instagram. Caitlin has previously been published in Thought Catalog, Up the Staircase Quarterly, and Rust + Moth, among others. When she isn’t writing, she spends most of her free time working through her towering piles of unread books. She enjoys plants, astrology, the color yellow, crewneck sweaters, libraries, and the sound of violins. You can find her at @cgcpoems almost anywhere.

Praise For…

"Many have tried to describe the multitude of ways that grief can hold you, but none have come close to the way Caitlin transports you back into the feeling of its arms. The Surrender Theory is an engaging and accessible way to remember what it feels like to love. What it feels like to lose. The beauty in this collection lies in Caitlin’s ability to detail her truth in a way that feels universal. We all have been touched by the feeling of yearning. This poetry will help you understand the depths of it. It will help you understand that you don’t have to get lost in it.”
Ari B. Cofer, author of Paper Girl and the Knives That Made Her


"The Surrender Theory traverses the landscapes of love grief with unwavering footsteps. These poems dive into vulnerability with their eyes wide open. I'm grateful to have spent time with this collection while navigating my own grief-broken heart. Thank you, Caitlin, for the reminder that it is worth it to live for the things we love. — Sabrina Benaim, author of Depression and Other Magic Tricks

“Conlon knows the essence of capturing an audience. Her signature voice is familiar and comforting, like she knows a part of you that even you have yet to discover. Anyone who has felt grief and complexity of the human experience will confide in Conlon’s work. She has the ability to see life through its clutter and she will show you that you can too.” — Zane Frederick, author of i am tired of being a dandelion
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ISBN: 9781771682619
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Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English