¿Qué Es La Libertad Individual? (What Is Individual Freedom?) (Library Binding)

¿Qué Es La Libertad Individual? (What Is Individual Freedom?) By Joshua Turner Cover Image
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Individual freedom is the backbone of our democratic system, but it's often misinterpreted as "doing whatever you want." This book takes an in-depth look at how individual freedoms are critical to a vibrant and functioning democracy. The text also highlights how some decisions made in government end up meaning more freedom for some but less for others. Students are shown the difference between freedom to do things and freedom from the actions of others. Readers will also learn how some of the freedoms we take for granted are critical to the way our society works.
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ISBN: 9781538349267
ISBN-10: 1538349264
Publisher: PowerKids Press
Publication Date: July 30th, 2019
Pages: 24
Language: Spanish