What's War? (What's the Issue?) (Paperback)

What's War? (What's the Issue?) By Judy Thorpe Cover Image
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War is horrifying, and it is also an unfortunate fact of life. When war is not at our doorstep, it is tempting to turn off the news so we do not have to see the sad reality unfolding in distant countries. However, when we choose to ignore what is happening around the world, we have no opportunity to help those affected by violence or work to create change. This volume utilizes age-appropriate text and informative fact boxes to introduce readers to the concept of war--not to frighten or upset them, but to empower them to help.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781534543669
ISBN-10: 153454366X
Publisher: Kidhaven Publishing
Publication Date: December 30th, 2022
Pages: 24
Language: English
Series: What's the Issue?