Post-Keynesian Economic Theory (Recent Economic Thought #45) (Paperback)

Post-Keynesian Economic Theory (Recent Economic Thought #45) Cover Image
By Paul Wells (Editor)
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Post-Keynesian Economic Theory explores and develops several areas of post- Keynesian economics most in need of additional fundamental research, including: a monetary theory of production; post-Keynesian price theory; international economics; labor economics; financing aggregate demands; and the liquidity preference theory of interest. The book presents a constructive post-Keynesian critique of contemporary macroeconomic conceptualization and practice. It illustrates the illusory character of the search for unique, determinate results in the problems of macroeconomics and clearly demonstrates the complexity and resulting richness of meaningful economic theory.
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ISBN: 9781461359876
ISBN-10: 1461359872
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: September 27th, 2012
Pages: 109
Language: English
Series: Recent Economic Thought