Into the Forest: The Secret Language of Trees (Hardcover)

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For millennia, trees have offered renewal and inspiration. They have provided for humanity on every level, from spiritual sanctuary to the raw material for our homes, books, and food. In this beautiful and revealing book, National Geographic combines legendary photography with cutting-edge science to illuminate exactly how trees influence the life of planet Earth—from our personal lives to the weather cycle. Beautifully illustrated essays tell the stories of the world’s most remarkable trees, from Tane Mahura in New Zealand, the ancient Maori "lord of the forest," to Pando, a single aspen spreading over 100 acres: Earth’s largest living thing. You’ll also discover how an astronaut carried tree seeds to the moon and back; the reason "microdosing" on tree gas is a sure way to boost your immune system; and why playing in the dirt boosts serotonin, happiness hormone.
For nature and science enthusiasts, as well as photography lovers, Into the Forest is a beautiful and edifying gift to give or cherish.

About the Author

Susan Tyler Hitchcock is a writer and editor specializing in science, nature, and history. The author of 13 books, she has also written the text for numerous National Geographic photography books, including Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark series. As senior editor at National Geographic, she has edited both narrative and illustrated reference books for the past two decades. A Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Virginia, she lives near Charlottesville, Virginia. Hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Residence Covesville, Virginia

Praise For…

"The most exquisite arboreal images, paired with just the right words, results in this book that shimmers in celebration of all we have been learning about trees -- and the forests they create. It seems that humans are finally recognizing the importance of trees for our well-being, indeed, for the well-being of our planet. May this comprehensive homage to the utility of trees, their ecological importance, their spiritual importance, and their loveliness, help support their preservation.”
Joan Maloof, author and founder of the Old-Growth Forest Network

“A forest on planet Earth is among the most wondrous entities in the known universe. An individual tree can be wondrous in varied ways: vast, tall, ancient, reaching and relaxing, communicative, nurturing. Susan Hitchcock’s beautiful book brings that wonder onto the page with acuity, revelation, and heart. This thing is a treasure.”—David Quammen, author of SPILLOVER and THE SONG OF THE DODO

“A gorgeous book, filled with photos that not only bewitch the eyes, but the other senses as well. In these pages you can hear leaves rustle and cicadas sing; you can smell mushroom-damp rise and touch sap-sticky bark; you can taste ripe peaches dripping from the bough. The final page leaves you as refreshed as a long walk in the woods, and similarly eager to go back and visit again.”
Hope Jahren, author of LAB GIRL and THE STORY OF MORE2<br>Hope Jahren, author of LAB GIRL and THE ST

“At a time when world leaders are calling for the preservation of our forests to hold back global warming, this singularly beautiful reminder of just how many ways trees sustain our lives and how beautiful they truly are is particularly timely.”—Peter Raven, President Emeritus, Missouri Botanical Garden

“In this enchanting book, Susan Hitchcock and a bevy of extraordinary photographers immerse us into the magical world of planet Earth's green giants. Through story and imagery, she explains how trees not only sustain us and all terrestrial biodiversity, but also impact culture, religion, food chains, health, climate and community. Into the Forest truly gives trees a voice, along with a huge appreciation of how they keep our planet humming.”—Margaret "Meg" Lowman, Ph.D., "The Arbornaut" and Executive Director, TREE Foundation and National G

“This just may be the most beautiful and evocative book ever to celebrate the wonder of the forests that are the very fabric of our lives.”
Wade Davis, author of THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, professor of anthropology, University of British

“Written in an engaging style and beautifully illustrated, Into the Forest is a fascinating book on a topic that concerns us all. Trees, as well as the forests in which they grow, are essential to maintaining life on earth. This book will help spread the word, in a most compelling way possible.”
Michael J. Balick, Ph.D., Vice President for Botanical Science, The New York Botanical Garden
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ISBN: 9781426218903
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Publisher: National Geographic
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English