The Hidden World of the Fox (MP3 CD)

The Hidden World of the Fox By Adele Brand, Jane McDowell (Read by) Cover Image
By Adele Brand, Jane McDowell (Read by)
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Ecologist Adele Brand has devoted her life to understanding the fabled yet enigmatic fox. Now she reveals their secrets in this extraordinary portrait of our most remarkable wild neighbors.

The fox. For thousands of years myth and folklore have celebrated its cunning intelligence. Today the red fox is the nature's most populous carnivore, its dancing orange tail a common sight in backyards. Yet who is this wild neighbor, truly? How do we negotiate this uneasy new chapter of an ancient relationship? Join British ecologist Adele Brand on a journey to discover the surprising secrets of the fabled fox, the familiar yet enigmatic creature that has adapted to the human world with astonishing--some say, unsettling--success.

Brand has studied foxes for twenty years across four continents--from the Yucat n rainforest to India's remote Thar Desert, from subarctic Canada to metropolitan London. Her observations have convinced her that the fox is arguably the most modern of all wildlife, uniquely suited to survival in the rapidly expanding urban/wild interface. Blending cutting-edge science, cultural anthropology, and intimate personal storytelling drawn from her own remarkable fieldwork, The Hidden World of the Fox is Brand's rich and revelatory portrait of the extraordinary animal she has devoted her life to understanding.

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ISBN: 9781094026091
ISBN-10: 1094026093
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Language: English