Easy Container Combos: Herbs & Flowers (Paperback)

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'Easy Container Combos: Herbs & Flowers' is the one of the most beautiful and useful books ever written about growing herbs in containers. Pamela Crawford, called "the goddess of container gardening" by Maureen Gilmer of Scripps-Howard News Service, has created a lovely guide to planting and growing the easiest herbs. The book features lots of easy tips for making herbs look good in containers, especially by planting herbs with flowers. Pamela shows you how to plant container gardens like a pro with easy-to-follow photos and simple instructions. The gorgeous, herb/flower combos range from simple combinations to gourmet delights. And her detailed plant profiles of each herb offer valuable information for shopping, planting, and cooking with fresh herbs. When reviewing Pamela's books, Maureen Gilmer also said: "When a book makes me want to run our and plant like a madwoman, I know it has hit its mark."
Product Details
ISBN: 9780982997109
Publisher: Color Garden Inc.
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 159