Book Club Registration

Bookmarks’ Book Club Programs

Bookmarks is happy to work with book clubs in our community!

We encourage you to register your book club with Bookmarks to receive the following benefits:

  • 20% discount off book club selections, both online and in-store
  • Free use of the Bookmarks Conference Room for book club meetings as available
  • Book club selections stocked in the Bookmarks store
  • Invitations to special book club events held at Bookmarks and personal recommendations for book club selections
  • Book club listing on Bookmarks’ website, including the opportunity to recruit new book club members

Please note:

  • In exchange for waiving the $30/hour conference room rental fee, Bookmarks expects book clubs to purchase at least 4 copies of each of their chosen books per month/meeting period. Sales will be monitored and communicated to the club; if minimums are not met, future reservations may be cancelled.
  • Bookmarks will reserve dates up to six months in advance.  
  • Conference Room reservations are subject to availability. Bookmarks reserves the right to reschedule events and will communicate as far in advance as possible. Please note there may also be an event happening in Bookmarks at any given book club meeting time.
  • Book clubs are not required to hold book club meetings in the Bookmarks Conference Room to receive the 20% discount and other benefits of registration!

To register your book club, please send the following information to Bookmarks via email to Beth Seufer Buss, Community Outreach and Bookstore Manager at

  • Name of the book club
  • Name, email address, and phone number for primary book club contact
  • Name and email address for all book club members – this allows us to register members in our system. They will receive a welcome message with the discount code for online orders.
  • A list of titles the book club will be reading with upcoming meeting dates. Please provide this as early as possible so we can stock the books and give book club members as much time as possible to purchase and read the book.
  • Please indicate whether or not you wish to hold your book club meetings in the Bookmarks Conference Room.

Please send any questions to