Book Club FAQ

Why should I register my book club?

Book clubs that are registered with Bookmarks receive 20% off their book club selections, have their upcoming books displayed on our book club wall in the store, and get their own page on our website! Additionally, members of our registered book clubs get invitations to special book club events held at Bookmarks, such as quarterly book club socials.

How do I register my book club?

Fill out this form! A bookseller will be in touch once everything is set up and send you a link to your book club’s page on our website, as well as your club’s online coupon code. Once you have this information, you can share it with the other members of your book club. Please allow five business days to receive your registration confirmation.

How do I update my book club?

You can email us your new selections (along with the months your book club will read them) at We will update your page on our website and your online coupon and get back in touch once everything is ready to share!

How do I apply my discount?

If you are shopping in person at Bookmarks, just mention that you are purchasing book club selections to the bookseller who is checking you out. If you are shopping for your book on our website, simply enter your book club’s discount code at checkout. Please note that the 20% discount only applies to your monthly book club selections. 

Where can my book club meet?

Many of our book clubs meet in members’ homes or other community spaces. While a few Bookmarks book clubs meet monthly inside the store, this is not an option we can offer to community book clubs. If you are looking for a place to meet, we recommend contacting Footnote about using their event space and/or customer seating. Bookmarks’ outdoor tables and chairs are also available, but please be mindful that the walkway must be kept accessible. 

I’m looking for a book club! How do I join?

Take a look through the book club page on our website! Any book club that is marked as “open to the public” is accepting new members! Once you click on their page, there will be info about meeting times and spaces, and/or a contact to get in touch with.

What is the difference between private and public book clubs? What about Bookmarks book clubs?

Private book clubs are closed to new members, while public book clubs are accepting new members! If you have registered a book club with us and are looking to recruit new people, public is the way to go! However, if you are a smaller group that is not looking for new book club members, private is the best option.

Bookmarks book clubs are officially affiliated with/hosted by Bookmarks. These clubs are all public and (mostly) meet inside the store. 

Can Bookmarks help me select a book for my book club?

Absolutely! Any of our booksellers would be happy to recommend a book for your book club. Email us, call us, or visit us in person– we look forward to helping you find the perfect book! 


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