Mystery Box

Dragon holding a book text: Mystery from Bookmarks

Our Mystery Box is the perfect way to surprise yourself or the reader in your life with new books! 

At Bookmarks we love matching the perfect book to the perfect reader. Mystery Box takes this idea and provides you with a handcrafted bookstore experience in a box. Tell us what you want for yourself or the reader in your life, and we'll fill the box with our best recommendations. 

Use the form below to select the amount you'd like to pay, the age range we should select books for, and your hardcover/paperback preference. Let us know which genres you like to read, or which subjects you want to read about (for example: are you a mystery reader looking for historical mysteries set in England? Are you shopping for a three-year-old grandchild who loves dinosaurs? Do you love romance and simply want to be surprised with romance books? Be as specific or as general as you'd like). After you submit the form, we'll fulfill your order with our best recommendations and let you know when your box is on its way or is ready to pick up at the store.

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