Mystery Box

Dragon holding a book text: Mystery from BookmarksBookmarks Mystery Box

What makes people love independent bookstores? Well, a variety of things, but one big reason is this - personal reading recommendations! Where else can you get a personal, handcrafted experience that ends with you having a book or two in hand that you’re pretty much guaranteed to adore? Nowhere else, which makes everything we do pretty unique. Especially when that same store in turn uses the money you’ve spent with them to give back to the community!

Bookmarks wants to be able to give this experience to its supporters no matter their situation, because who wouldn’t love giving themselves and their loved ones a handcrafted bookstore experience in a box! You’ll be able to give us as many or as little details as you please, and in return, we’ll be using that knowledge to put together a box of books that you’ll adore.

So sit down, get those typing fingers ready, and help us surprise you! Fill out the form below to get started, and we'll follow up via email with a price quote and invoice!