4 on 4th

4 on 4th is a monthly event in the bookstore, co-hosted by Winston-Salem Writers, featuring four local authors.
4 on 4th is held January-April and August-October on the fourth Wednesday of the month. It takes place on the Bookmarks stage, with each author speaking for 15 minutes. Bookmarks provides chairs, a podium, and microphone to participating authors.


  • Authors are expected to promote their event to friends, families, colleagues, and general audience. Bookmarks will promote online and in the bookstore.

  • Author must be Triad-based or have a strong tie to the Winston-Salem community.

  • Bookmarks does not stock or hold events for books published by through Amazon (e.g., CreateSpace).

  • Bookmarks will sell your book on consignment at a 40/60 split: 3 copies 1 month in advance, up to 10 additional copies the evening of the evening, and 3 copies for 1 month after the event.  

To Apply:
Fill out the web form below. We review submissions on a monthly basis and will follow-up individually with authors to request review copies. The 4 on 4th committee meets semi-annually to program the series and will send individual invitations in the summer and winter for the fall and spring series. Please do not send or drop-off unsolicited review copies; these will be donated or destroyed.

Please note that due to the high volume of inquiries that Bookmarks receives, we cannot accept phone calls or drop-ins related to this event. All inquiries and submissions must be made through this website.


4 on 4th is an event for local authors, or authors with local ties. Please explain your ties to the Piedmont Triad, such as residence, family, education, profession, etc.
Please provide a brief summary of your book.