2021 Festival Exhibitor Booth

This form is for local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups that wish to purchase an exhibitor booth(s) for the 2021 Festival of Books & Authors, to be held on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

Food trucks and other food vendors, please click here.

Exhibitor booths will be arranged along Poplar St., Spruce St., and Holly Ave. in downtown Winston-Salem. We are unable to accomodate special requests pertaining to booth location. Please note your Exhibitor status is not confirmed until your payment is received by Bookmarks. Exhibitor booths are first-come, first-served and are available for purchase while stupplies last.

2021 Pricing: 
As of June 1, prices will increase

  Prior to June 1 After June 1
1 Exhibitor Booth $300 $400
1 Nonprofit Exhibitor Booth $225 $325
1/2 Exhibitor Booth $175 $275
1/2 Nonprofit Exhibitor Booth $115 $215
Independent Author Table* 
Tent space sold out; independent authors who still wish to exhibit at Festival may purchase 1/2 exhibitor booths at the $275 rate.
Sold Out Sold Out

*These booths will be located in the Indie Author Tent; reserved for self-published or independent authors otherwise not on the official Festival program. Any authors wishing to sell and promote their book at our Festival must be in the Indie Author Tent. Spaces in the Indie Author Tent will consist of one 6' table and one folding chair; no half booths available.  June 4 Update: We have sold out of spaces for the Independent Author Tent. Independent authors who still wish to exhibit at Festival may purchase 1/2 exhibitor booths (no full) at the $275 rate. These booth spaces will be located adjacent to the independent author tent.

The price of each full size exhibitor booth includes:

  • One 10' x 10' tent (exhibitors are not permitted to bring their own tent)
  • Two 6' tables
  • Two folding chairs

Vendors must provide their own signage, display materials, table covers, etc.

Half Booths
If you wish to purchase a half booth space, you may choose to find an exhibitor who will share the space with you, or Bookmarks will match you with another vendor. Half booth participants will each have use of one 6' folding table and one folding chair. In order to determine who you wish to share a booth with, you must include both applicants' names and information in your application, separated by commas, and proceed below with a full booth purchase. Only names included in the registration form will be included in Bookmarks' marketing materials.

Multiple Booths
Organizations/businesses that require additional space may purchase two exhibitor booths. If one organization/business purchases two booths, they will be side-by-side.

Electricity & WiFi
Bookmarks is unable to provide electricity and internet access to exhibitors. Please plan accordingly. Generators must be pre-approved by Bookmarks to be used at the festival site.

Children's Exhibitors
Vendors purchasing booth space for exhibits related to children/families and children's literature will be assigned a booth within the children's area of the festival. We recommend planning an activity for children to do while visiting your booth—we have found that this increases traffic throughout the festival day. Any children's authors wishing to purchase a booth space, will be placed in the Indie Author Tent. 

Independent Author Registration
Authors who wish to purchase an exhibit space may do so by selecting the Indie Author Tent. There will be an Indie Author Tent at the Festival site and each exhibitor will receive one 6' table and one chair. Self-published authors or authors otherwise not on the official festival program will have tables in this tent. 

Rain or Shine
This is a rain or shine event which takes place outdoors.

All vendors and exhibitors must comply with applicable public health ordinances, laws or mandates (e.g., mask mandates). Bookmarks is not responsible for the compliance with such ordinances, laws or mandates by festival attendees.



634 W. Fourth St. #110
Winston-Salem, NC 27101



Click here to view Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Complete the form below to register as an Exhibitor at the 2021 Festival of Books & Authors. Please direct all exhibitor-related questions to info@bookmarksnc.org

Enter the first and last name of the primary contact for your organization or business
Enter a phone number for the primary contact of your organization or business
Select yes if you are a children's author or an organization/business that serves children and families
If your organization is a 501(c)(3), please enter your EIN here to receive a discount on your exhibitor booth(s)
Please add any additional information, like a request for a gift notification, that will be helpful as we process your order.