Conference Room Reservations

Conference Room Reservations

Bookmarks welcomes the community to reserve and rent their new conference room, named for Dudley Shearburn by her family and friends, and affectionately called "Dudley's Room."

These guidelines are for community groups, nonprofit organizations, and businesses who would like to rent Bookmarks’ conference room for meetings and workshops but do not include gatherings such as birthday parties or baby showers. To request use of the conference room for these or other purposes or to inquire about renting the stage area, please email Community Outreach and Bookstore Manager, Beth Seufer Buss at

To reserve the conference room for your book club, please refer to Bookmarks’ Book Club Guidelines.

Rental Fees

The hourly rental fee for using the conference room during regular store hours is $30 per hour. The room will be made available 15 minutes before and after the meeting for you to setup and cleanup. If you need more time, please extend your reservation by an additional hour.

The event must end at least 30 minutes prior to the store closing or you must book an after-hour rental. Through December 2017, store hours will be Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday 12-6 p.m.  Rental fees for meetings outside of store hours start at $40/hour.

Contact with questions, to check availability, and request a rental agreement.

Room & Equipment
The following items are available for use in the conference room:

  • Monitor with HDMI cable hookup for laptop computers*  
  • Conference phone
  • WiFi
  • Tables and chairs; the conference room seats up to 25

*Please note: Bookmarks does not have a technical expert on staff, so we encourage you to visit the store in advance to make sure the AV system and your laptop are compatible. Please note Mac laptops and some pc laptops require an HDMI adapater that is not provided by Bookmarks. Bookmarks is not responsible for incompatibility issues between adapters and laptops.

Food & Drink

All outside food and non-alcoholic beverages (not purchased from the Foothills café) must be pre-approved. Groups bringing food into the conference room as part of their rental will be charged a standard $25 room food & cleanup fee.

Bookmarks encourages you to support our neighbors in the Nash Building and community supporters. We will waive the $25 food & cleanup fee for conference room rentals that use the following food providers: Foothills, Subway, Skippy’s, and Domino’s Pizza as well as our community supporters, The Bagel Station, and California Fresh Catering. If you choose to use another food provider (pending approval), there will be an additional $25 food charge.   

Foothills: email for information - catering menu available here
Domino's Pizza: email 
The Bagel Station: email
California Fresh Catering: Click here for general information - delivery menus available here

Reservation Policy
Reservations are not final until Bookmarks has your signed rental agreement and full room rental fee. Rental fees are nonrefundable; however, in the case that an event is postponed or cancelled, Bookmarks will work with you to reschedule the rental for another time as available. Payment is required in full via cash or check made payable to Bookmarks. 

Additional Information
Please bear in mind that the bookstore will be in operation during your event. This means there will be regular bookstore activity in the main part of the store. If Bookmarks is hosting an author event that event, the stage area outside the conference will be in use with a microphone and speakers.

No animals other than service animals. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Bookmarks Conference Room

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