Book Fairs

Bookmarks enjoys bringing books directly to schools and businesses in the Triad through our Book Fairs.

Book Fair: October 22 - October 27 
Online Book Sales: October 22 - November 19

We are proud to have worked with the following schools & businesses:

  • Arbor Acres
  • Bermuda Village Retirement Community
  • Biotech Place
  • Brookridge Retirement Community
  • The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem
  • Kimberly Park Elementary School
  • The Montessori School of Winston-Salem
  • Paisley IB Magnet School
  • PepsiCo
  • Redeemer School
  • Salemtowne Retirement Community
  • Summit School
  • Temple Emanuel

If your school or business is interested in having Bookmarks provide your next Book Fair, please contact us 

Book fair plain image Here's how it works:

Choosing Bookmarks for your book fair allows you to support a local, independent nonprofit organization and bookstore, where the proceeds and taxes remain in your local economy. Instead of having all the titles pre-selected for your fair, we encourage you to be involved in the selection process to ensure that your fair will receive quality books that represent your student body. Bookmarks needs at least three months’ notice to host your book fair.

Here’s how it works:

  • Books & equipment are delivered to host
  • Bookmarks sets up the book fair
  • Host runs the fair
  • Books & equipment are picked up at the conclusion of the fair

If your school does not have strong parental involvement, Bookmarks may be able to help run your fair. Ask for details!

Pricing structure:
25% of gross sales
- $100 delivery/setup fee
- $100 credit card processing fee
= Total amount given to host can be in cash, book credit, or a combination of both

Title Selection:

  • Bookmarks offers a variety of quality, diverse fiction and nonfiction for the ages represented at your school.
  • A base inventory of approximately 400 titles has been curated by Bookmarks based on NC book lists, national award winners and recommended reading lists, ALA, and books we personally recommend.
  • The base inventory is assessed following each book fair to determine the inclusion of the book for following fairs, and paperback editions replace hardcover ones as they are available.
  • All fairs can be customized after this point by the host. If there are books on this initial inventory that you do not want at your fair, they can be removed. If you need more titles in a certain genre or you have specific requests, those can be added up to 200 additional titles for most schools.
  • When available, Bookmarks likes to include a selection of signed books for your fair.

Online component:

An online component to your book fair is available on our website: We will create a main book fair page for you with the details of your fair, complete inventory listing, and teacher wishlists (optional). This is available for you to send out in communication with students, parents, and teachers who wish to shop online. Online shopping is available before the fair and for two weeks following the fair. All orders received in that time frame will be counted towards your total sales. Orders placed can select “store pickup” and Bookmarks will deliver those books to the school.

Teacher Wishlists:

As mentioned above, online teacher wishlists are available. Please discuss with Bookmarks how you would like to handle wishlists at your fair so that we can best help to meet your goals. Bookmarks will provide 30 book plates so that those purchasing items off of teacher wishlists may write in who the book is for/from. If you need more than 30 book plates, please let Bookmarks know.

Signage & Equipment:

  • Bookmarks will provide navy table cloths to cover the tables. If you’d rather use your own tablecloths, please let us know.
  • Bookmarks will provide book easels, book ends, and black wire book racks for displaying books.
  • Bookmarks will provide 1-2 computer laptops equipped with our Point of Sale system to run your sale. Each system comes with a receipt printer, credit card swiper, barcode scanner and holder, and various cables. We will provide backup printer paper and a notebook for notes.
  • Bookmarks will supply a cash box complete with $200 starting cash and coins. You are responsible for this throughout your fair so it is suggested that you store it somewhere safely overnight. Throughout the fair, Bookmarks will come by to pick up large bills and provide you with spare change as needed.
  • Bookmarks has a basic Book Fair logo and promotional design created by our PR firm, Capture. We will update this flyer in pdf and jpeg formats with your book fair information if you desire. You are responsible for any printing.
  • Bookmarks will provide 8 ½ x 11 genre signs that are placed in clear, plastic holders. They will help people navigate the sections of the book fair.
  • Bookmarks will provide a pull up banner that says “Book Fair Today”. It needs 6’ clearance.

Bookmarks’ Requirements from Host:

  • Bookmarks will need the host to provide a minimum of ten 6 or 8 foot tables.
  • Bookmarks will need the host to provide secure a wifi connection. If this is unavailable, please let Bookmarks know prior to book fair setup.
  • Any additional materials desired will be provided by the host.

Bookmarks Support:

Onsite training on our Point of Sale system is provided at the time of book fair setup. Please arrange for all of your volunteers who will be working the fair to be present at that time. A short walkthrough of the inventory will also be provided to those interested.

If you sell out of a title during the book fair, a special order can be placed. You may charge the customer for the book and the book will be delivered to the school. Please allow one week for most orders to arrive. If the customer is requesting a book that is not on the book fair inventory list, please know that it might take longer to receive the book if it is out of stock, on backorder, or otherwise unavailable from the publisher.

Throughout the fair, Jamie Rogers Southern can be reached for any questions. Please call the Bookmarks office (336-747-1471) or her personal cell (336-528-3569) or text with questions for immediate response. It is our wish that your book fair is successful and a positive experience for your school. Following your book fair, we will send a detailed review report. We welcome all feedback to improve the model for future book fairs.

For more information, please contact Jamie at

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